Change Request Form

As I have said before, I am not only open to changes, I love them! I was a director before I was a playwright, so I know that scripts must adapt to each production. (In fact, no two productions of my shows have ever been exactly alike. And I love it that way.) I do ask that you follow copyright law and request changes in writing. (The Legal Department reminds you that any changes you make can be used in future editions.) 

ALSO, typos. Oh, the typos. They happen. With an extremely small in-house staff (Literally, in house. My lawyer husband is the legal department, my teacher mother is the costumer, my ballerina sister is the choreographer, and I am my own editor. Once my son is old enough, we'll probably make him a stage hand.) So, if you see a typo, let me know. And I will be eternally grateful. (Oh, except for grammar. I believe in creative grammar. I said, what I said.

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