Scripts & Rights

To perform any Holly Beardsley Play you need two things— scripts and the rights.



Single Script    $6

Trying to decide between more than one show? Maybe you just enjoy reading stage plays. Single Scripts are $6 each and are meant for personal reading use only.  They do not come with Printing Rights, Performance Rights, or Video Recording Rights. Scripts are watermarked to remind you to "Do Not Copy."   

For Cast Scripts, see Printing Rights. 

Rights & Licenses

Printing Rights   $75

Printing Rights give you the right to make multiple copies of cast scripts for up to one year from your purchase date. Printing Rights cost just $75, and come with a PDF cast script and Licencing Agreement. (That’s over $200 in script savings for a cast of 50.)  If you chose to perform the show again after that year is up, you can purchase an extended Printing Rights License for the latest edition, at only $25.

When you purchase a Printing Rights Licence you will receive a downloadable Printing License Agreement, a clean PDF of the script, with no watermarks.

Contact for an extended Printing Rights License.     


Performance Rights   $70 per performance

Rights are purchased for each performance, no exceptions.  When you purchase performance rights you receive a downloadable license giving you the right to produce the show on your provided performance dates. Licenses are available for 1, 3, or 5 Performances. (Additional performance rights are available at the single performance price. See Packages for more information on reduced rates.) 

Rights= Royalties. And Royalties are very important because that is how you support good playwrights. When you support good playwrights, you get good plays. It’s that simple. If you perform a play without royalties, even if you are not charging admission, you are breaking the law and stealing from playwrights. (We all know that guy. Don’t be that guy.)


Video Recording Rights $25

Video Recording is not only great for archival purposes, it’s a fantastic fundraiser. Video recording and distribution rights gives you the right to not only record, but sell multiple copies to whomever you wish (as long as the profits go right back into the theatre.)  Parents will love to have a recording of their performer that isn’t from an illicit camera phone. Trust me.   Purchase of the Video Recording Rights will get you a downloadable licence to record your performance, for both archival and fundraising purposes. Terms and Conditions apply. 


Large Cast Production Package   $375 

Like I've said before, I have a philosophy of inclusive large cast productions, or "everyone gets a part."  To encourage that I offer the Large Cast Production Package with Printing and Performance Rights for up to five performances. The package also includes a Video Recording Rights License at no additional cost. That's more than a $100 savings. (Spend that on the costuming, right?)

Competition and Classroom Use Package $45

Competition and Classroom Use means just that- for competition excerpts or classroom use ONLY.  You will receive a downloadable license for Competition and Classroom use, as well as a clean PDF of the script for up to 35 copies. To purchase a Competition and Classroom Use package, or to print additional copies, email for approval.